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TH_small.png copy croppedOur primary goal at Techealthiest is to offer you the best how-to advice for living a powerful life. We are committed to providing our readers with thought-provoking ideas for living the techealthiest way, a mindset of striving to master the technology of health and happiness. When we say “technology,” we are referring to your inner mental technology that powers a healthy mind and body, as well as the outer world of digital wellness products such as apps, wearable technology and tools for self-expression.

We believe that Techeathiest can contribute to each individual’s pursuit of happiness and inner balance by offering strategic forethought related to digital lifestyle choices. Techealthiest.com was created to shine a light on the less conscious (and often under-appreciated) decisions we make within our personal digital world. The inclusion of our screens in almost everything we do necessitates that we think more about how we relate to our devices.

We also aim to provide our readers with unique tips for living a healthy coexistence with personal technology. To use our screens without a minimal level of self-observation is to decide to be unhappy.

When you are at your techealthiest, you are committed to building healthy habits in and out of your digital world. You marvel at the endless possibilities that the right inner and outer technology offer. You remain grounded by the knowledge of how technology can work for and against happiness, productivity, and human connection.

The information shared on Techealthiest.com is constantly refined to reflect what we consider to be the healthiest lifestyle practices. Our understanding of the techealthiest way changes over time because there are always new challenges that we’ve never faced prior to the latest, greatest advances.

We hope you get something special out of your time on our site.

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