Welcome to a running list of some of Dr. Greg’s media mentions and contributions.

An article for Elite Daily on learning whether your version of narcissism is harmful or healthy (see below).

4 Ways To Tell If Your Narcissism Is Healthy Or Dangerous

  • A piece for The Huffington Post on a form of therapy New Yorkers need to manage their current political anxiety.
  • A piece for The Huffington Post on the secret to finding the perfect therapist.
  • An article for MindBodyGreen on signs your romantic relationship won’t survive the holidays.
  • An article for Elite Daily on ways to destroy your happiness (see below).

Things You Do Every Day That Can Chip Away At Your Overall Happiness

  • An article for Elite Daily on signs that your therapist stinks (see below).

9 Things That Shouldn’t Be Happening In Your Therapy Session

  • A piece for The Huffington Post on why a New York City Psychologist has the best job in the world.
  • A piece for The Huffington Post on what true love looks like in real life.
  • A piece for The Huffington Post on predicting and preventing infidelity.
  • A piece for Elite Daily on managing social media after a breakup (see below).

What To Remember When It Seems Like Your Ex Is Happier Without You

  • Tips for overcoming depression in Forbes.
  • Tips for meeting that special someone in real life in Bustle.
  • Techniques for overcoming panic attacks in SELF Magazine.
  • Avoid this kind of relationship advice in Cheatsheet.
  • Kanye West’s post-hospitalization meeting with President Trump on Bustle.
  • The “best motivational advice ever” in the EveryDayPowerBlog.
  • Tips for managing your boyfriend’s or husband’s body image issues in sheknows.com.
  • Everyday habits that are bad for your mental health in Bustle.
  • The intimate connection between depression and physical pain in QualityHealth.com.
  • The health benefits of anticipation in SpiritualityHealth.com and RewireMe.com.
  • Signs you grew up with a toxic parent on attn.com.
  • Our dependency on smartphones on mediaplanet.com.

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