Whenever I have a sore throat or another ache or pain, I usually WebMD it. This usually leads to me thinking I have some fatal disorder. If I end up going to the doctor, they always tell me that: 1) I have a cold; and 2) stop using WebMD to diagnose yourself.

We are living in the Age of Everything on Demand. Why wait to go see a doctor when you have access to one at your fingertips at any time of day or night?

Need an immediate consultation, a second opinion or a prescription?

We are going to introduce you to two amazing options for seeing a virtual doctor, TeleWellnessMD and HealthTap, but first I’m going to share a bit about the field of telemedicine.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a rapidly emerging field in which patients with online access have the ability to have their health-related issues remotely assessed, diagnosed and treated by qualified medical professionals. Essentially, you can see a doctor online from the comfort of your own home through a completely secure site.

In case this amazing field of medicine is totally new to you, according to the American Telemedicine Association, telemedicine is defined as “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.”

Whether you’re in a remote location and lack access to good doctors, you need an immediate consultation or you simply want to see what the future of medicine has to offer now, you do have solid tele medicine options.

Just to get the terminology straight, telehealth is the umbrella term for the use of electronic means to deliver health care, improve public health and offer health education. The use of virtual doctor is considered a way to access telehealth services.

The Virtual Doctor Is In

Two telemedicine companies are leading the telemedicine revolution: HealthTap and TeleWellnessMD. If you take a look at these sites, it’s not hard to see that these two companies represent intriguing options for medical care.

HealthTap vs. TeleWellnessMD

The following is a brief comparison of these two amazing sites, both of which stand on the cutting edge of the tele health care revolution:

Services offered

HealthTap: With HealthTap you have access to a network of doctors wherever you are and whenever you need help. The site offers information about various medical topics from doctors and updated medical news. Health tap offers personalized tips about how to be your healthiest self. You can also get your prescriptions filled online by video at any time. HealthTap touts itself as readily available for medical consults in the event of a disaster.

TeleWellnessMD: This site seems to cater to care of all your wellness needs, including information from health professionals and ways to learn about and order pharmaceutical products that fit your needs. TelewellnessMD seems to offer a broader range of products and services, including supplements, injections and HCG Detox.

How to access care

HealthTap: Create a free account to access a network of doctors. You can get an online diagnosis, live by video, voice & chat 24/7. You can also have someone answer any individualized medical questions you may have within 24 hours. For a consultation with a doctor, you can pay $99 per month for unlimited or $120 for a one-time consultation. You have access to online prescriptions 24/7, quick & easy prescription refills, live by HD video & chat 24/7. You can also send the doctor scans and X-rays if needed.

TeleWellnessMD: Though TeleWellnessMD advises you to continue seeing your primary care physician, they do want to help you with a personalized wellness plan to be the best and healthiest you. You can pay $49.95 for a one time wellness consultation with a healthcare professional. These professionals can prescribe you pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals that are made in their own labs. You can also access their services from any electronic device.

Which one is best for you?

Telemedicine is the way of the future, and is a good way to get a quick answer about any medical issues you may be experiencing. Or perhaps you just want a second opinion before you make an important decision.

HealthTap’s services are centered around offering medical consults. The technology powering Healthtap appears very advanced, which will alleviate any concerns about confidentiality or tech issues. TeleWellnessMD, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive site that focuses on a broad range of services including, but not limited to, virtual consults with a medical professional. Thus, depending on what you are looking for, either site can be right for you. Both sites seem to use the latest technology to make your virtual visit feel seamless and secure.

If you’ve never heard of telemedicine or your curiosity is growing, I would encourage you to look into these platforms and form your own opinion. And please, stop WebMD-ing your symptoms!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.