The Gap between Your Social Media Profile and Reality

That’s it! You just captured the perfect selfie showing your most flattering angle…under the ultimate lighting…with an uber-artistic edge…at an enviable location clearly visible in the background…with the emotional tone you wanted to convey when you began snapping yourself 15 minutes ago. Mission accomplished.

The only problem is that it took a dozen tries to capture something close to your vision of how the shot should look. You travelled a full day to some faraway destination.

It’s certainly important to show friends and family back home how much fun you’re having. You payed a fortune for this trip. It feels worth it to accurately represent on Facebook the grandeur of your surroundings. Maybe you want to tease friends who are shivering in their winter boots back home.

No matter what your motivation is for posting the ultimate selfie, it’s totally fine. There are many reasons why we feel compelled to do it.

Tell me…what’s more rewarding than scrolling through your social media profile pictures and reliving a prized collection of moments that represent you looking your best while experiencing your most electric memories? Who doesn’t at least occasionally review their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles just to relive the best of times?

This scroll down memory lane can be a source of pride and happiness, an accessible and centralized location to celebrate and relive “the best of” you.

How carefully have you designed the image you’re trying to convey to the world and to YOURSELF? Are you capturing reality or do you just want to skew your memory to remember a moment in a way that serves your interests. Yes, in that picture you look great…younger, healthier, wiser, more athletic, more desirable than you do in real life. The question is…at what price?

Your social media habits may be harming your reality.

You might not believe that the following question is necessary, but…what’s more important to you: Increasing the frequency of self-fulfilling and self-accepting moments or having the ultimate social media profile that makes you look like the rock star among your friends and family?

Look carefully at your Facebook profile. Try to see it through the eyes of an authentic, Social Media Lama-type observer. What do you REALLY convey? Do you really think that people see you as you see you? You might look super-skinny in one picture, but don’t most people you spend time with know your size and body type? Are you that interested in making the kid you sat next to in the Eighth Grade science class feel envious of your vacation?

It’s very important to bridge the gap between how you see yourself and how others see you. People with narcissistic tendencies tend to suffer from such a discrepancy.

Let’s put it this way, the greater the discrepancy between your selfies and the reality you live in, the less happy you are in real life. Period.

Use your selfies as a way to promote self-esteem, happiness, and acceptance.

Start by learning how to take a healthy selfie. See here for a video tutorial on the five steps for taking a healthy selfie.

Show the real you. Stop pretending. It’s making you depressed.