Did you know “the force” really exists?

No, the force won’t float your iPhone across the living room to your outstretched hand. It can do much more than that.

I’m going to teach you how to strengthen REAL force in you.

Just choose whether you want health, happiness, success, sex appeal, or whatever you wish for.

Even Darth Vader knew what the Force could accomplish when he declared, “Don’t underestimate the force.”

Forget the Law of Attraction. This post offers you the Law of Attraction on steroids with a jet engine propelling you forward toward your dreams and aspirations.


You see, you were born with the force. It lives inside of you, waiting to be summoned. You just need to take action beyond making wishes and setting intentions. Keep reading to learn what actions summon the force in you.

The REAL question is whether you’re ready to receive what it has to offer.

Believe it or not, the magic contained the force is trapped in the space between your ears under a bunch of psychic boxes filled with resentment, negativity, pessimism, judgment, exhaustion and responsibility…all of the burdensome baggage you’ve accumulated over the years that has cut you off from your sense of free will to make things happen!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s make you magnetic by awakening the force in you.


1) Put your passions first. Protect yourself from failure later.

Passion is sexy and highly magnetic. Strive to be a force of passion and the universe will deliver. Passion makes the world notice you and want to be closer to you.

Seek out activities that totally absorb your attention to the point of having a flow experience in which you lose track of time and feel on top of the world.

Let your passions leak into the humdrum of everyday life. If you haven’t found what you’re passionate about, the answer may be revealed through the following questions:

What did you love doing as a child (or you idealized) that you always wanted to return to?
Which current activities make you feel like you’re bettering yourself?
What comes easy for you these days that you enjoy immensely?
Which of your positive traits or talents do other people notice the most?
What activities do you dream about doing in the future, but you’re too afraid to start now?
As you can see, the formula for finding your passions is a mix your childhood dreams, current talents and future aspirations. Sometimes finding your passions requires trial and error.

Engaging in the exact same passions can lose their magnetic power over time, so you will probably have to let your passions evolve into other activities or subject. There is no gain in putting off your pursuit of passions. You’re only letting fear or laziness rule your life.

People often fear what would happen if they actually found the love, success or abundance that they’ve always wanted. Life is too short to delay. Pull the results toward you via the Force by going after your passions with vigor and persistence.

2) Channel psychic energy from your resentments toward your dreams.

The magic behind the force is likely to be trapped in past resentments, negativity, hatred, prejudice, complaints and other negative judgments. These are different ways of saying “negative energy directed toward yourself and others,” which drains you of the force and keeps your ability to make good things happen at a minimum.

Challenge the part of you that blames others for your problems. Take responsibility for your part in what’s not working in your life and you’ll feel an exciting awakening of the force, a lightness of being capable of making stuff happen.

Consider that the one or two people toward whom you hold resentment may need to be forgiven in order to reallocate that anger and negative energy toward your goals and dreams. Forgiveness and personal responsibility boost the force.

There’s absolutely no gain in resenting your mother or your father or whoever hurt you. The benefits of resentment are but an illusion that is only hurting you.

3) Rip a hole in the universe with your kindness and generosity.

You know the barista who serves you your coffee in the morning? Or the random bank teller who just helped you? Or even the self-absorbed guy on the train listening to his youtube video on full blast? Send them all love.

Access the force by being a mirror for people. How is this done? Avoid reacting negatively to other people’s negativity. Show kindness, love and respect where others show annoyance and contempt. This will make people look in the mirror and see the cost of their negativity.

A mentality of unexpected kindness and generosity will give you full access to the force. It grounds you and makes you incredibly powerful by inspiring people to show the same qualities.

Go ahead…rip a hole in the universe with your unexpected reactions containing positivity. Pay it forward and the force will be yours.

“My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” – Yoda

4) Celebrate the tiniest possible successes as much as you can.

In order to sustain the Force’s strong pull, you’ll need to generate a sense of accomplishment in small places at different points in your day. A mentality of celebrating even the tiniest successes grants you access to the force.

How does this work, you might ask? The psychological experience of success infuses you with the courage to push forward and it grants you a sense of momentum.

Courage + Momentum = The ability to pull results toward you.

In addition, treating your mind to a repeated declarations of success raises your set point for happiness.

Success mixed with happiness breeds good luck via the force.

5) Get in touch with your superhuman side and offer it as a gift to the world.

You were born with a set of gifts. It’s up to you to figure out what they are. Sometimes your gift is buried under the burden of adulthood.

It’s just a matter of pushing aside the heaviness of responsibility, resentment and pessimism that being an adult unfortunately comes with. The four guidelines listed above will help you do more than put aside the heaviness. They will lighten your load to grant you easier access to your gift…and the force.

You have the ability to do things that few people can. Once you know what your gift is, the world makes so much more sense. It’s easier to find meaning in life and deal with periods in which nothing feels meaningful.

If you know your true calling, you can offer it as a gift to the world. The force rages in you when you share your gift with the world, especially when your gift benefits other people’s happiness and success. This gift will be returned to you manifold via the force, which pulls on the universe to bring you what you’re striving for.

Note: I’ve presented you with a benevolent version of the force. The force can also be used to create harm. This is the “dark side” of you, which eventually eats away at your cells and makes you miserable. I would recommend sticking with the positive side of the force.

“The force will be with you…always.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi