Yes, as the picture above shows, if you can find the horizon, it’s a gift waiting to be claimed.

Horizons are healthy. Basking in a gorgeous, pastel sunset on the horizon is even healthier, but any horizon will do the trick.

The horizon centers you and gives you an opportunity to reset.

Perspective from Distance, Happiness from Perspective

If you live a myopic lifestyle (you only attend to what’s right in front of you), then horizons are gold. Looking far into the distance can grant you the perspective you might have been longing for.

Perhaps you’ve been too caught up in a painful thought. Let the horizon show you the big picture.

Horizons also have the ability to remind us that visual stimulation exists far beyond your phone screen. Let your eyes feast on what’s beyond your immediate reach.

Enter the beauty of the horizon even if you are gazing between tall buildings on either side of the street. Celebrate the horizon even if it’s a wintery mess, or it’s ordinary or grey or all you can see is just a bunch of houses in the distance.

Challenge yourself to find the beauty in any horizon, even if it’s momentarily forced.

It will help to keep you mentally upright and not seasick in an ocean of responsibilities.

Let the horizon come to symbolize happiness by looking ahead in the distance and saying, “Happy!” out loud. Make a habit of pairing the act of looking as far as you can see with arriving at a healthy perspective that properly frames the troubles of your day.

Once you’ve taken in the horizon and you feel a drop happier and more centered, then go back to your phone.