I searched the Internet for the single most impressive technology-related gift and I found it!

This dazzling tech toy taught me that the future has already arrived in grand fashion.

Nothing can compete with with the Humanoid Robot, which easily took first prize, as it is one of the most advanced robots available to the public.

They’re even widely used in research and in educational programs aimed at teaching electronics and robotics.

You won’t find a more fascinating collection of tech toys anywhere.

Give one as a gift or get one for yourself. If you’re a science educator, I can’t imagine a more impressionable and dynamic learning tool in the classroom.

These kits enable you to assemble, program and control a robot with a wildly impressive array of capabilities.

If you are an educator or you want to give your child a priceless introduction to robotics, take a look at the award-winning educational robotics program for K-2 called Cubelets. The cubelets click together and can be configured in countless ways to form an interactive robot with no programming needed and no wiring in the way.

If you’re looking for the absolute top-of-the-line robot available to the public, take a look at the the amazing NAO ROBOT, which is now available from $248/month. Yes, make no mistake about it…these robots are very expensive, but there are financing options. (This post contains affiliate links.)

The Bioloid Premium Robot Kit and all of the other robot kits from Robot Labs are some the most fascinating gadgets you’ll ever see! They are the most advanced robots on the market. Tech-loving kids and adults will go bonkers over this do-it-yourself kit that enables you to build all kinds of humanoids…even a puppy!

You won’t find a better set of education tech toys out there. The Bioloid Robot can walk, it has humanoid skin, it can be programmed in countless ways, and it’s controlled by remote. It does so, so, so much more than this! Check this robot out! There’s nothing like it.

The Quintessential Techealthy Toy

Why do I consider these robot kits to be techealthy?

Because for many children these products will represent the start of a career trajectory in the direction of robotics. Clearly, there will be a great need for robotics experts in the future.

These robotics kits will also prepare children for a future filled with human-robot interaction beyond what we know in our current reality. These gadgets offer a window into the future and lay the foundation for understanding how robots are built and programmed.

Please let me know what you believe is the king (or queen) of all tech toys. I’d love to hear from you.