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Your success is my celebration. That’s not a quote here, but I mean it! I’m not just saying that. I want you to succeed and I hope my quotes inspire you.

Although being successful can mean so many things, it’s often hard to find yourself truly feeling successful.

The tricky part about deciding whether or not you’re successful is that it’s a subjective determination. In other words, success is always changing in our minds depending on how we feel, what we’ve just accomplished, how we tend to compare ourselves to others and many other factors.

Given how elusive a sense of success can feel, sometimes we just need a little boost.

Success sayings can be just that…a trigger that starts something positive and reminds us that we’re already successful. This is what I love about writing phrases that can potentially resonate with hopeful minds.

Whether you need an ounce of happiness, motivation, guidance or validation, there’s nothing like quick bit of timely wisdom.

10 New Success Quotes

I hope you enjoyed these sayings.

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May you navigate though life successfully and with youthful excitement (hmm, maybe another quote).