Techealthiest celebrates bloggers whose contributions stand out from the rest.

We are especially interested in recognizing the best blogs that focus on enhancing health, happiness and personal success.

Below you will find Techealthiest Awards given out for the top bloggers who who are dedicated to making it easier for people to learn how to blog.

Why are the websites about blogging worthy of an award on Techealthiest?  

Because blogging has so many health benefits if done for self-expression. Blogging can also be profitable if you develop the skills to market and monetize your blog.

Techealthiest recognizes those individuals and companies whose products represent the ultimate merger of health and technology. And Blogging is just that—a manifestation of how technology can better your life.

The super-bloggers celebrated in this award post demystify for beginning bloggers the process of learning what the perfect blog is all about, how to create blogs without crying over your keyboard and how to harvest ideas to grow them into epic posts.

Let’s face it…all that goes into blogging can feel overwhelming and even downright scary, especially when you’re just starting out.

When I created Techealthiest, I leaned on many blogs and bloggers to help me navigate through rough blogging waters. This struggle now compels me to recognize the best of the best in blogging.

Techealthiest Awards: Best Blog Sites on How to Start a Blog

The following blog sites and bloggers deserve to be rewarded for the way their beautiful work will soften your fears about blogging and can inspire you to push forward with your plans to make a blog even when you’re full of uncertainty.

To qualify for a Techealthiest Award, these top bloggers were judged based on how clearly the ideas on how to blog are presented (presentation), the overall user experience of the blog site (usability), the range of blogging resources (toolkit), and the broader message the blog stands for (inspiration).

Let the champion bloggers listed below teach you how to write a blog and you’ll feel like you’re well taken care of.

1) The Most Enjoyable Blog on Blogging

WINNER = Problogger

Darren Rowse is unstoppable. He is one of the most prolific bloggers on how to make money blogging, and his likability factor is through the roof. His site,, would be my recommendation to a newbie blogger. Problogger has been clutch for me in my blogging process. It’s a vast collection of perfect posts on topics like whether a blog is right for you, what to blog about, and how to design your blog. Darren Rowse is a pillar in the world of blogging. For a great start to your blog, try his month-long program of exercises called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. If you’re serious about getting started with a blog, to ignore Darren Rowse’s priceless posts on blogging is to agree to have blinders on as you enter the blogging world. Problogger is full of fantastic podcasts and other treasures. Darren is also an authority on digital photography and his website, Digital Photography School, is as helpful as it gets.

2) The Most Inspiring Blogger(s) on Blogging

WINNERThe Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus seem like the perfect dynamic blogging duo on Joshua is a bestselling author, a writing instructor and an international speaker. (Very impressive!) He’s an expert in minimalism (the art of letting go and living a simplified life—such an appealing skill!) and his philosophy of living is reflected in the simple, elegant and easily digestible layout of the site and its content. Joshua wrote the piece I like so much, entitled “How to Start a Successful Blog Today,” which contains “step-by-step instructions” and a video on how to make a blog. Ryan is a one-on-one personal mentor who helps people make huge changes in their career, finances and relationships and more. The  Minimalist’s post on starting a blog, their other essays, podcasts and their site as a whole are as inspiring as it gets. The Techealthiest Award has been given to the Minimalists primarily for the intoxicatingly contagious “keep it simple and you’ll be happier” message they deliver about blogging and life as a whole.

3) The Most Comprehensive One-Stop Toolkit for Starting A Blog

WINNER = Blogging Basics 101

While not exactly a blog, Jessica Knapp’s is unrivaled in its amount of easy-to-access tools for creating a blog and learning the social media element of blogging. THIS is the guide you need to understand the confusing elements of blogging. Many of the resources are also perfect for advanced bloggers. Once you read How to Start a Blog, you’ll feel like you’re highly educated in the basics of creating a blog. I also found 6 Steps to Being a More Productive Blogger so incredibly helpful with its pleasing infographics and sound advice.

More Blogging Giants You Must Know About

Here are a few other absolutely amazing bloggers whose information on blogging for beginners is award-worthy:


Amy’s blog,, is really pleasing to the eye and full of great tips on how to start a blog. Her information is super clear and you immediately get the feeling you’re in good hands. This site is full of gold.


Mike Wallagher’s website,, contains one of the best posts ever on how to start blogging, which is as comprehensive as it gets.

Stay tuned for more awards on blogging for beginners to be added.

For errors or omissions, please feel free to contact us.

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