Welcome to a unique and timely guide that will help you process all that is going on within you and between you and people who have different political views.

I’m here to help you manage your anxiety about Trump being president or about what this country will turn into.

Many people are freaking out about what 2017 will bring for America. Trump supporters are absorbing a ton of anger from Democrats. Even some Republicans are wondering what a divided America will look like under Trump’s aegis. Many of us are burned out, bitter, sad and angry. Some still have the energy to argue on Facebook, but the majority of social media users are in withdrawal or just plain down and anxious.

No matter what political lens you look through, it’s clear that 2017 offers a new set of psychological challenges that many of us have never faced before. I agree with all of the people who say that 2016 has been a tough year. Now I’m choosing to do something about it.

As a clinical psychologist, most, but not all, of my patients have expressed strong concerns about Trump winning the election. This has inspired me to write this guide, but…

Confession Time!

A quick confession…I’m also writing this guide as a way to channel my fear about what’s happening in America into something healthy and productive. I will strive along with you to find inner balance, peace of mind and acceptance. I tend to be moderate in my political views.

When it comes to discussing politics, I prefer to be Switzerland.

This guide will reflect that stance, but it might not appear to be the case here given that I feel the need to prepare people for 2017.

I have to acknowledge my fear of what the future will bring for my family and for this country…but I am (usually) hopeful.

What Is Trump Anxiety?

From this point forward I will use “Trump anxiety” to refer to anxiety about what happen with Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

Trump anxiety refers to what his decisions as the head kahuna will lead to for our country. It also includes what the people he surrounds himself with will do with their new positions of power.

Your experience of Trump anxiety can range from mild concern about impending changes to our country to complete annihilation anxiety.

What Are the Symptoms of Trump Anxiety?

The feelings — Trump Anxiety can range from light nervousness to intense fear about the future. In it’s mildest form, Trump anxiety feels like an uncomfortable but highly manageable worry about what Trump will do. In it’s most debilitating form, Trump anxiety is experienced as waves of panic attacks, profound fear and constant psychological discomfort any time you’re reminded of the election or the future.

The thoughts — Trump anxiety can manifest as obsessive thinking about all things Donald Trump. It also can show up as constant rumination about ways to protect yourself from a horrible future, a belief that you will be persecuted based on your ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, lifestyle choices, political affiliation.

The behaviors — Trump anxiety can prompt someone to constantly check the news and social media for any sign of hope that things will be better than previously thought. The anxiety can lead to compulsive posting on social media to gain either a sense of personal control or social proof that your fears are valid. Trump anxiety can also compel people to take productive action to alleviate the negative feelings. Protesting, which includes passion and anger mixed with anxiety, is also a behavioral manifestation of Trump anxiety. Much more on the symptoms of Trump anxiety to come…

What Should the Reader Expect?

The ultimate goal of this series on getting over Trump anxiety is to imbue readers with inner strength, hope and a sense of being both open and protected no matter whether the shit hits the fan or Trump pleasantly surprises us in the beginning of his presidency.

Truth be told, this guide would be more aptly named “How to Overcome Anxiety When Trump Happens to Be President” because you can substitute the source of your worry for other things besides Donald Trump. So think of this as a guide to getting over anxiety about something important and worrisome, and then add Donald Trump in if you choose.

Please know that this guide will be as straightforward as possible. I’m not here to bash Trump at all. Quite the opposite.

I hope to contribute to sewing back together the fabric of America that’s been temporarily ripped at the seams, a fabric was created based on tolerating, and even celebrating, individual differences.

This is what makes America special, and we’ve begun to drift from that. Hopefully, America in 2017 will return to its roots.

So get ready for a guide to overcoming Trump anxiety.

To start this guide, I will cover the first major step toward overcoming Trump anxiety. Here it is.