It’s with wild excitement that I’d like to introduce Reparent Yourself Month at Techealthiest.

I’ve been waiting for this theme to happen for months.

There’s so much work to be done and stuff to talk about.

Let’s just say that Reparent Yourself Month represents a marriage of two overarching topics:

  1. How to give yourself the emotional nurturance that you believe you didn’t get in childhood
  2. Parenting a child while parenting yourself

In my first post of the month, I lay out a roadmap to reparenting yourself the “right” way.

We will be having discussions on Facebook about controversial topics related to reparenting that I think you’ll enjoy.

(Here’s a link to our Facebook page.)

You don’t have to be a parent to participate. Far from it. In fact, it only takes some interest in learning how to be better to yourself.