You’re in for a serious treat with the latest selection of September posts coming your way on Techealthiest.

It’s time to learn how to treat yourself better than ever.

Last month we shared with you how to be a healthy narcissist. This month we’re softening the tone and getting serious (and at times comedic) about being your own therapist.

Welcome to Self-Therapy Month!

We’re about to share with you all kinds of recommendations for how to be your own effective and loving therapist. Also, I will talk about all kinds of interesting topics related to actual psychotherapy — and we’re doing it in a unique and refreshing way unlike any other site has attempted.

This month you can expect posts on the following topics:

  • How to Find End of Summer Happiness
  • How to Give Yourself an Award-Winning Therapy Session
  • What If You Were Your Own Therapist?
  • Self-Therapy Technology
  • Healthy Eating and Spa Getaway Ideas to treat yourself to
  • …and many angles related to entering and thriving in therapy.

All of our content is original and packed with highly actionable tips for finding happiness, with an emphasis on your relationship with your personal technology.

Over the past month we’ve learned a lot about what our audience is looking for and we’re committed to making changes to give you what you’re looking for from Techealthiest.

We think you’re going to love what’s on the way.

Looking forward to your feedback!


Dr. Greg