Thank you for stopping by. We’re getting ready for our official launch!

We’re slowly populating Techealthiest.com with all kinds of refreshingly original articles on how to live the “techealthiest” lifestyle.

I hope to enlighten your social media self with ideas from the Social Media Lama.

My aim is to make your relationship with your gadgets healthier and more productive.

Your happiness is my priority.

This site is going to be awesome!

We’re just about ready to get started! Are you ready to expand your mind?

-Dr. Greg



Greg Kushnick, Psy.D. on Instagram
Greg Kushnick, Psy.D.
FOUNDER AND BLOGGER | Techealthiest.com
Dr. Greg Kushnick is Techealthiest's founder and blogger. He works as a clinical psychologist in private practice in Manhattan. On a broader scale, he is dedicated to helping the world adjust to (and eventually thrive with) new and unfamiliar lifestyle technology. Dr. Greg's inner blogging machine is fueled by his fascination with how personal technology impacts the way people think, feel and act. He thrives on the challenge of applying interpersonal dynamics to the human-gadget relationship and presenting his ideas to readers in a helpful way. He considers himself a family man and an explorer of city culture.
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