Have You Talked to Yourself Lately About Your Level of Investment in Inner Strength and Resilience?

Welcome to a conversation between Bob and his (inner)) Inner Insurance salesman…also named Bob:

“Hi, I’d like to upgrade to the platinum inner insurance plan please!” Bob announced to his Inner Insurance salesman.

“Sure, but are you prepared to make sacrifices necessary to feel like you can handle an uncertain future?” asked a voice that sounds a lot like Bob’s conscience.

“Well, I’m not sure what sacrifices you’re referring to,” Bob answered in a nervous tone.

“That depends on what plan you’d like to upgrade to,” inner Bob clarified.

“Uhh, what plan…do I have now?” Bob wondered with his eyebrows raised.

“Hmmm, let’s see. You actually downgraded to a lesser plan not long ago when you purchased that new tablet and upgraded your phone,” the inner salesman explained, hoping to get the sale and and create a sense of urgency by shifting to a disappointed and fear-inducing stance.

“Oh shit, a downgrade? What?!? How?” a confused Bob asked.

Tiny, invisible but audible inner Bob took a deep and deliberate breath and said, “Bob…Since these two devices entered your life, yes you’ve been able to wait less time for pages to load, and your game playing is certainly epic on a bigger screen, but you’ve managed to forget how to be with yourself and your own thoughts.

“You fill every moment with a screen. You can’t even bench press without checking your texts in between texts. When your wife talks to you about serious stuff, you’re usually looking down. Do you think she feels supported by you? You’re surfing the net at night before bed when you used to talk to her about life. What’s gonna happen when something REALLY goes wrong, as it inevitably does for everyone at different times? Will you know how to deal with yourself? Your wife growing more distant from you every day. Will your friends be shocked that you want to meet in person for support instead of texting them the problem?

“Bob, I’m worried about you. After all, I live within you! I love your new technology and you have great taste in Youtube videos, by the way. But what about balancing immediate fun with investing in your future by talking to inner Bob more and listening to what I have to say? Your devices can only get you through the moment and not beyond. I’m here with you for the long haul. Develop me! I AM the platinum plan! I AM the upgrade…when you chat with me more and listen to me…and you. I’m so glad you want to upgrade your inner insurance plan.  What made you finally see the light and think of this brilliant idea?”

Bob looked around the room perplexed for a moment. Then he answered, “I know I’ve been more stressed lately. All I want to do is tune the world out. I know something has to change. I’m realizing that I’m just not taking care of myself and my marriage like I used to. I know things have to get better, but how do I do it?”

“Ok. Start by deciding how committed you are to your future. Not the present. The future. And if you’re willing to decrease, even if slightly, all of your vices for tuning out your commitments in an unhealthy way. Then you can upgrade. And I’m your man for that!”