Twitter just announced a series of new changes to its tweeting rules, which is designed to make more room available within the 140 character structure.

No, they’re not expanding their tweets to 10,000 characters.

They’re going to remove certain elements from the character count, thereby freeing up more characters to use for the meat of your tweet.

The New Changes to Twitter

Changes in the coming months include the following:

  • @Names will not be counted in the 140 characters when you’re replying to tweets.
  • Media attachments also will not be included in the 140 characters.
  •  You’ll be able to retweet your own tweets.
  • You’ll no longer have to use “.@” to broadcast your tweets to your audience. All tweets that start with “@[username]” will be sent to all of your followers.

What Does This Really Mean for the Avid Tweeter?

It means that you get a bit more wiggle room to tweet your thoughts. Twitter would go through a major identity crisis if it were to drastically enhance its character limit.

Facebook and Instagram have managed to make minor changes to their user experience with no major backlash, but there’s something different about Twitter.

The world has come to appreciate the brevity inherent in tweets. It’s part of the charm of the site.

Will you feel more self-expressed with these changes? Probably at first you’ll notice the increase in characters available.

Inevitably, however, you’ll habituate to the change and feel restricted in your thought expression, which is a good thing.

I love the challenge of trying to fit it all in a small tweet.

I doubt it’s the end of Twitter as some people theorize.

Every cultural phenomenon has to evolve to stay alive, unless it’s super unhealthy for you, in which case it has to pretend to evolve to satisfy the gluttonous among us.

The changes won’t take place for months, so there’s time to enjoy squeezing your thoughts into the existing space.

Who Will Really Benefit from the Upcoming Changes?

Companies will have an easier time trying to force feed you their products.

Marketing will become easier because it will be more acceptable to keep retweeting the same tweets.

Get ready to be bombarded.

What do you think about these changes? Are you excited? Indifferent? Let me know.